“The American Flag Waves High and Proud” A Patriotic Poem

The American flag waves high and proud, Its beautiful colors shining so bright and loud.

Red, white, and blue, a beacon of hope, and a symbol of pure might, even in the during the darkest of night.

Our Northland’s beauty is a sight to see, with lakes, streams and forests green, with our flag flying high above it all, A symbol of freedom for you, me and one and all.

The stars and stripes will forever wave, A symbol of the land of the free and brave, A testament to those who have fought and died, For all of these freedoms we enjoy with pride.

So let us honor this flag so true, and all that it stands for to me and to you and let us pledge allegiance to this great land, and let’s hold its values and truths close at hand.

Poem shared with us by YAFONOOB

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